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Why we use the Nix package manager

  At Grafted-In we're seeking to bring a new level of software quality to the online marketing arena. As part of this effort, we've adopted a relatively young but powerful way of managing servers, systems, and software: it's called Nix. In this post we want to discuss...

4 Keys To Great Software | An Overview Of Quality Indicators

In this post, we want to give a guide to finding efficient and high-quality software development which is much less expensive to maintain and cleaner to create. Great software is never an accident. Just like architecting a building, constructing software takes many...

The Best SEO Podcast And YouTube Resource Guide [2017]

With the value of audio and video in high demand, finding the right shows can be difficult. You can waste a lot of time sifting through mediocre programs. So we wanted to cut through the noise and get to the best podcast and youtube channels in online marketing and...

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