Interview With TechTonic on SEO Strategies

by | December 24, 2015

We have been busy doing what online marketers do….running a sprint every single day. Watching competition, driving traffic and looking for the next bit of content to write. And because of that I have been very delayed in posting this. I recently was invited on TechTonic. A podcast discussing technology and its practical use in our everyday life. I’m not sure if that is how they would define it but host Joe Darnell and Co-host Joshua Peiffer are putting together some great content over at Techtonic.

I was recently invited on to discuss the issues regarding SEO and how business owners can get a jump on the game with very little effort. Give it a listen.

SEO Gary Morris Podcast

Gary Morris

Gary Morris

Gary Morris has a passion to help small businesses succeed. Consulting, writing and video how-to’s take up most of his time outside of client management. Providing businesses with the resources they need to get found online and drive targeted traffic.


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