3 Reasons Why It’s Important To Have Quality Content On Your Website

by | April 3, 2018

With our website overhaul, we’ve put a lot of things on the back burner, including our content. But not anymore! We’ve been brainstorming ideas and gearing up to deliver you some top-of-the-line content from your friendly SEO (guys, gurus, neighbors?) This will include insider secrets, latest happenings in the SEO and online world, and just plain fun.

So what’s up first?

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Of course, why content matters! Nothing better to inspire us to get back on track than to share with you the importance of content. And let’s clarify before we start, VALUABLE content is what we’re looking at here.

What is valuable content?

By valuable content we’re referring to helpful blog posts, articles, etc. that benefit your clients and the people visiting your website. To clarify, here are a few examples of what is NOT valuable content:

  • articles that are not related to your industry or field
  • blog posts that repeat the same information again and again
  • content that doesn’t match the title of the article
  • pages that are filled with keywords but have no useable information

You may have visited a few sites like this. You’re expecting to learn how to do something only to find the whole article is persuading you to buy their product. Or you visit their “blog” and only find advertisements.

Now maybe you’re thinking, “but don’t I want my website to ‘sell’ my services?” Yes, but you don’t want to compromise your content doing that. A well-put-together website will sell itself AND you’ll have your content to thank for it.

Why content matters

That’s right, valuable content on a good website will help sell your company. Here’s why:

#1 It shows you know your stuff

The content on your site is a reflection of you and what you know. When your site visitor is looking around to see what you have to offer, they’re going to see your content and the scope of what you know about your subject. Little to no content means you might not know anything. But a lot of content that has meaningful information is like meeting someone and finding out they’re an expert in their field. As you keep talking to them, you find they’re really helpful and down-to-earth. They’re not trying to show off or come across as a know-it-all. Wouldn’t you want to get to know them better?

This leads us straight into number 2.

#2 It builds trust

Now let’s say that the person you just met is going to be performing surgery on you next week. Knowing that they’re an expert surgeon who’s willing to answer your questions (possibly anticipating them before you even ask!) can help you feel more at ease about “going under.”

The visitor to your site who finds good content is also going to feel more comfortable reaching out and buying your products or hiring your services. By giving them the information they want to know beforehand, you’re building their trust and confidence in you and your company. Site visitors will feel like they already know you just from your site.

#3 It demonstrates generosity, reliability, and quality service

When you’re helping your clients by answering their questions on your blog, you’re basically giving away something for free. The first service most people receive comes from your website. Think that over for a minute.

Your website is the first service many of your customers will receive.

If you run a traditional, brick-and-mortar business, then you know how important that first impression is. When your customer walks into your reception room what greets them? If you’re not the one behind the desk, then you’ve probably hired a competent, friendly individual who is prepared to greet the client and answer any of their initial questions. In the online world, that’s your website. Your website isn’t just about looking pretty or giving out your contact information. It needs to be able to answer client’s questions and make them feel comfortable about using your business.

So, how do you get quality content?

If these three reasons resonated with you, then you’re probably wondering how you get good quality content. Well, you can always start writing it yourself. Just remember these points:

  • Quality over quantity. Less is more.
  • Lots of content doesn’t really matter if you’re filling up your website with meaningless information.
  • Share valuable information as you would with a future client.

You can also hire a content marketing service. We’ll be posting future articles about what to look for from a content marketing service, so stay tuned.


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