Turning Business Websites From Expenses To Assets

With over 17 years in the marketing industry, we are committed to helping old school businesses move forward with new school marketing

Have You Ever Said One Of The Following…

How do I know this will pay off?

There are so many so called, “Google Experts”. How do I know who to trust?

I know I’ve got to get more technological but I don’t have time!

I don’t even know where to start with Facebook marketing and other social media sites.

I need to generate more leads! Do I invest in places like Yellowpages, HomeAdvisor or SEO?

These are just a fraction of the questions we have been asked. If you’ve said any of those, this is the right place for you! 

Getting more business online is a seemly confusing process. With many options to choose from, business owners are often stuck in a state of paralysis. We have spent almost two decades in the marketing industry, from those old blue MS-DOS screen’s to today’s virtual gaming world, we know how overwhelmed you feel.

More than an agency that performs but an agency that educates!

“We are constantly monitoring and keeping up with each turn of the technological wave making sure our clients are forerunners in their field.”

Scaling all the moving components of a full-time agency is very difficult and takes years to create a working system with the highest ROI for our clients. Certainly, during those years we have found things small growing businesses can implement in-house.

We are confident in our work and our process, so much so, we educate our client’s through a series of drip fed emails that create both confidence and knowledge around what we do and why. These are private videos and emails only for our clients – available nowhere else on the internet.

Our Story…

Grafted-In was really a seed back during the late 90’s when our first few sites were being built with dial-up internet and AOL. Many of us still have that dial-up noise etched in our mind. Boy, the internet sure has gone through some drastic changes since that time!

Out of that era, the internet has continued to build two “neighborhoods”. One is filled with outdated, run down and useless websites. These are killing the internet. The other is secure, beautiful and user-friendly sites that can be found on Google and other search engines.

Our desire is to add not only ascetic beauty but healthy websites determined by a set of industry standard benchmarks.

Before starting Grafted-In I had worked with some of the largest brands in the world including companies like Pepsi, Chateau, Vinyard Wine, Little Ceasars, Ocean Spray, and many others.

Gary Morris

VP Of Technology
Elliot Cameron

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